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Kutless - Kutless - God's Love

I think our main message is typically that God loves you, you know, each and every one of us. That God is passionate about having a relationship with us and loving us. And I think itís really easy to forget that. Some people donít even know that. Theyíve never experienced it. They donít even know, but even as Christians I think lots of times itís very easy to forget truly the passion that God has for each and every one of us. And so, we just want to share that love with people, hopefully through our lifestyle, through our lyrics, through our music. Too often people think that Christianity has to be completely boring and stuffy. In reality we can go, we can have a great time, we can crowd surf and mosh and, you know, play rock Ďn roll music. And we have a lot of fun doing that. You know, and itís okay. I believe that you can worship God in a lot of different ways. You know, we try and make it evident and make sure that God is lifted up at our shows. And thatís the backbone for what we do and itís important, but at the same time, you know, thereís nothing wrong with having a good time while youíre there and just enjoying the freedom that you have in Christ.