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Mars Ill - Mars Ill - Living Examples

I think that people think of Atlanta and they think of dirty south crunk music. Outcast won a Grammy for Album of the Year and everyone respects them. But there’s a very big difference between what’s there and sort of what’s happening on the grassroots level on a weekly basis. And, right here is what we’re a part of. We had to kind of redefine what ministry looks like in our case, because a big part of what we do is being at the open mic every week and being there for those guys and having relationships with those guys and sort of showing ‘em how we live our life on a day-to-day basis. I have the same problems as you, and this is how I deal with it and this is how I’ve come through it.” And we’ve seen God do just amazing, amazing things. We try to make sure that people don’t say, “Oh, they’re good for a Christian group.” We want it to be, “Wow, this music is different. This music is good. This music, this show, this stage show, I’d put them next to anybody.” And from that it gives us the opportunity to speak about our faith and speak about our lives and that’s what we’re really all about, man.