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Paul Wright - Paul Wright - Take A Stand

Well I came to Christ when I was 12 years old at a Frank Graham crusade and I really felt Godís, Godís love, Godís peace at that time. It was aí awesome experience. Going through high school, you know thereís, choices I had to make whether or not if I was going to take stand for Christ or do the party thing. And, my junior year I started to take a stand and my friends and I we started this like a youth group kind of thing at our high school and we did like this rally where we had a bunch of local bands and speakers and we just invited our friends That time, that was a moment where my faith became real. ďYour Love Never ChangesĒ came from a book called ďThe Ragamuffin GospelĒ about Brennan Manning. And the message that I got from that book was Godís love remains the same yesterday, today and tomorrow. Growing up in school and sports itís for reward about our performance. But with Jesus, He loves us because of who we are, not what we do. Thatís exactly the heart of the song, that Godís love remains the same yesterday, today and tomorrow.