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TobyMac - Toby Mac - Irene

The story of ďIreneĒ is, itís about a girl, and I wrote it with Randy Crawford and Jeff Savage who are good buddies of mine. But itís about a girl that she got pregnant just before her senior year and felt like, ďWell, thatís it. You know, all the things I planned on doing, I canít do anymore.Ē L.A. garment district, wanted to really capture culture. ďIreneĒ is a cultural song. You know, itís got Latino flavor. Itís got Urban flavor, African American flavor. Itís got a little bit of Reggae. I need to be somewhere thatís cultural. Asian people here, African American people there, Latino people here, Indian people over here. Itís like, you take all that and you -- it just feels right for a song like ďIrene.Ē Itís really God sort of whispering in her ear, we sort of just let everybody -- make everybody aware of it -- but itís like God whispering in her ear, ďI still love you.Ē You know, ďI still have plans for your life. Youíre still mine.Ē