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Jaci Velasquez - Jaci V - Self Image

Obviously the most important thing is that people realize and my life shows that weíre not trying to get across me or what Jaci has to say because she has so much wisdom, Ďcause I donít, you know, Iím definitely uh in the middle of my journey. Iím not at the beginning, Iím not at the end, Iím just right smackdab in the middle of it. So I donít have everything figured out. But I want people to walk away, you know, what I would want them to walk away with. Itís just a sense of okay, Iím okay with myself, God has made this way and who he has made me is beautiful. And I love myself because Iím his baby, you know? My - everything that I do is - I believe all our steps are ordered by God and, you know, that is in the Bible and I live by that. There have been, you know, a lot of times where I do live by fear and every step that I take I kind of am scared of it. But I feel like Iím getting - Iím hoping to get that across in my music - the fear and the knowledge that God has not given us a spirit of fear but of love and of a sound mind. So, just trying to pull all that together and uh and hope that people will get that and when they walk away from my shows.