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L. A. Symphony - L.A. Symphony - Perseverance

Perseverance is such a testimony to your faith. The Bible talks a lot about just standing, you know what I mean? A midst the adversity. Amidst the trials, the tribulation, and you know and somehow counting it joy. We still acknowledge that God is on the throne and He has the best plan for us in our lives and we believe that you know, weíre all fearfully and wonderfully made and we all have a unique calling somehow we hope that comes through our music, but not in a preachy way, but just something thatís genuine and sincere. We just donít talk the talk but we walk the walk. I mean if you look at our story, just, we havenít had the perfect little recording artist life and amidst all of that, we still say, hey, no, God is good, man.