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KJ-52 - KJ-52 - Staying Pure

You know, I didnít grow up in a, you know, going to church or anything like that, so I really wasnít taught the things of God. I was just basically, you know, handed a lie that I think that so many teenagers are being handled which is, you know, youíre not, you know, youíre not a real man until you have sex or, you know, if you love somebody then just do it. You know, if it feels good, do it. Thatís just kinda like the uh lie I think thatís being perpetuated. I wanted to come and say, no, you donít have to give in to what your friends are giving into. You donít have to go along with the crowd. But I even took it a step further. I said, you know, when I gave my life to Christ I made that decision to stay pure. And it was worth it. It was worth waiting, you know, it was worth putting that principle first. And my wife did the same thing also. So when we were married we were both virgins. I just feel like, you know, God has kind of burdened me to really share that with teenagers, you know? That not everybodyís doing it. And you know what? Itís okay. Itís not a dirty word to be a virgin. Itís not wrong to put those principles first. And in the long run itís worth it.