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Skillet - Skillet - Live for Jesus

Most of the time what we do in our mission is in concerts when we get to explain what songs are about. And then we’ll have a time when I say, “This is what I believe it means to live for Jesus.” And then we give people a chance to give their life to Christ for the first time in our shows. And that’s kind of when our mission all kind of comes down. I think in America, we’ve made it so easy to become a Christian that you don’t really have to give up anything, you know. ‘Cause we kind of -- seems to me like we con people into raising their hands and stuff. So we just say, “Hey, let’s everybody open your eyes,” everybody’s got their eyes open, everybody’s looking around. If you want to give your life to Christ, you know, for the first time tonight, then raise your hand ‘cause it’s going to cost you everything And that’s what we’re about. But we do it in I think a very sincere way, you know, that I want to be very clear about you don’t -- this is only if you’re ready to give your life for the Gospel.