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Mary Mary - Mary Mary - Being Poor

My mom had a bunch of kids. It was like eleven of us at home. Most were brothers and sisters but some were cousins and friends of people who were dealing with issues at our church. So we grew up, you know, “economically challenged,” I’d like to say. I remember one time I guess it hit me. “We’re poor!” And Tina was like, “We’re not poor, we just don’t have some things.” And that just kind of startled me that she said that because she’s my younger sister and, you know, it was like, wow! that is true. I’m not poor. I’m rich in so many other areas. Time after time throughout our lives, from the times we were kids to now, God just so-shows Himself to be, you know, our strength and our support and our source of everything that we need from then to now. And time after time, you-you know, like I said you will get tested and do I really believe that everything’s going haywire in my life? And He shows up and handles every situation every single time.