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Out of Eden - Out of Eden - Another way

You look on the television or you listen to the radio thereís not a whole lot of positive music out there that is giving some sort of alternative. And we wanted to present that, ďNo, itís not only you, that this is the way.Ē The way that the world is going thatís - thatís the wrong way, thatís, you know, the crazy way, and thatís the, you know, just out there. But this way, this is the way that God has intended for us to be. Itís just so hard when you see just all these images and you think, ďOkay, you know, for me to be cute, like I have to, you know, have my little shirt and my little shorts and thatís the only way Iím gonna get noticed.Ē And it has nothing to do with your brains or your personality, and weíre just encouraging young ladies that to show those things, show what God has put in you instead of just, you know, what Heís made you out of.