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Rebecca St. James - Rebecca St James - Expression of Your Love

God’s agenda for all of our lives, no matter what age we are, is that we live in love relationship with Him. That we realize that He loves us extravagantly just as we are. One of the ways that we can show that love is through holiness and through living a life that is according to the Bible. Obviously when you’re trying to live your life differently uh it challenges other people. And so sometimes they’re, you know, they admire you for taking a stand. And then sometimes people might make fun of you. And I think you’ve gotta be prepared to stand and not back down when people do make fun of you. I think Satan will try and use people also to discourage you and get you to harden. Like I got an email from a mother of a girl who had been really persecuted for the stand she had taken on sexual purity at her school and she was so upset about it. And so I wrote her a little email just encouraging her not to back down and that uh there are many people that are awaiting, including me. And uh so I think just the power of encouragement is so huge.