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4th Avenue Jones - 4th Avenue Jones - Depend on God

For me personally God represents actually like a father for me. Someone I turn to, Hes someone I turn to for comfort, or when Im running out of patience. God is just the only way I think this band can stick together. We have weekly Bible studies. Uh, when we have disagreements or if, you know some people in this group are married, if they have scuffles or whatnot, they turn back to scripture and then they are able to make things right. Every gift that we have comes from God. The goals that weve set for this band, were sure that we are not able to do it on our own. And, they are godly goals, you know, to help people and to try to make a change in the world. God means everything to the to each of us in the band, a personal relationship with God is crucial to our own personal success and corporate success as 4th Avenue Jones.