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Daniel's Window - Daniel's Window - Relevant

I think our main idea, in anything that weíre doing, is trying to be relevant. I would hope that what we do is speaking to people where they are at instead of trying to make them come to us to understand it. I believe if you donít understand something, or it doesnít speak to you the way that youíre used to being spoken to, itís really hard to get anything out of it, or to give anything back, as you know, as through worship music. As a kid sitting in church, you know, or as a teenager and hearing just the organ and songs that the words were something that I couldnít identify with, it didnít help me to understand God any better. It didnít serve its purpose in my life. When I discovered worship music, that was something in my own language, you know, that I understood, then it became real and I started to really give my heart to God through that.