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Grand Prize - Grand Prize - God's Plan

Definitely, I mean, all of us have gone through things in our lives that, you know, we need victory in, we need the Lordís power in. And thatís why weíre Christians because we canít do it on our own. We donít have the power, we donít have the strength in and of ourselves to be the people that God has called us to be. He comes into us and He gives us that strength and that power and the grace to be the people that Heís called us to be. I think our our society in general is pretty liberal in the way that we act and say, especially as Christians, where the Lord has called us to a higher standard in our lives. itís easy to live a life that is ungodly. Itís easy to go out and sin and to be, you know, foolish, you know, with your life and with your money and with, you know, your body. God has a deeper and a more meaningful plan for my life than just to live life casually and with no purpose and no direction and no drive. Live for what the Lord wants for your life because youíll be so much more satisfied.