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Hawk Nelson - Hawk Nelson

I think itís really tough, for a lot of kids these days to find good role models. I think that itís really easy for them to kind of see the flaws. Kids are asked this question and like, what are you-what are you facing? And the biggest struggle is like, basically it comes under identity you kind of have to pick and chose who you are and you grab into products and you know, you belong to a certain clique or what not. But like, your true identity has to be found in God. It takes time and it takes effort to find that. Iím twenty-three now and Iím still finding that out. But identity is a huge a thing I think kids face. Kids sometimes are left kind of going, well, how am I supposed to live? Who should I look up to? Like friends of our whose parents are pastors who split up and like they just feel like their lives are so perfect but behind the scenes, like their like breaking down and just--we want to help people like that and I think thatís a lot of things that their dealing with today.