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John Reuben - John Reuben

You know, it seems like we all start off young, optimistic, hopeful, you know, and me and God are going to conquer the world type, you know, type of mentality. And as we get older, you start, realizing how uh, how deep suffering and hurt and manipulation and selfishness and greed runs rampant and you just kind of start, understanding the human heart a lot more. Ignorance isnít bliss and being bitter and frustrated isnít the way to be either. Itís being hopeful and optimistic but also realizing suffering, realizing pain and finding God and-and-and Christ and ushering in that perspective. I mean Iíve hashed it out with God on many-many occasions and just said, you know, ďLord, I pray that I want to be where You want me to be in life. And I pray for Your peace and Your contentment and Your understanding.Ē But I continually get caught up in competition and stressed about my future, and stressed--not even just music, Iím not talking about music, Iím talking about life in general. I think Iím at a place where Iíve really, you know, itís almost something you can feel more than you can explain when you come into a place of just be in that peace with knowing Godís in control.