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Subseven - Subseven

People just need to know that Gods not out to get them, you know. I think a lot of people have been taught that. He made man to have a relationship with man, you know, to have an intimate, you know, covenant with man, just like an earthly father loves His Son, God loves you, you know. Just like that, you know. He wants to take care of you and just, meet all your needs, and just anything. Its just like, What can I do? Christ is in your, in your heart if youve accepted Him as Lord over your life, then the plan for your life is inside you, too. And that you can draw that out of you through fellowship with him, through getting to know the voice of God. My steps are ordered, you know, if I if Im faithful in and just stay close and follow, listen, that Hes got a path for me to walk and its the best, the best things along that path that I could ever, I could ever run into.