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The Afters - The Afters

Last year’s been quite a ride. Uh, you know, with all this great stuff happening with the band, at the same time my father uh he had – he’s been going – he had been going through cancer for two years and he actually passed away last fall. You know, it’s said that life is just a vapor. And that became very real, you know, that it’s just uh – it’s just a blink of an eye and-and the – when you’re thinking about eternity. And uh just to make the most of every day that we have. I mean one of the last things that he told me was, he said, you know, “Live every day of your life with meaning and purpose,” ‘cause it’s a challenge because we get wrapped up in, you know, things of the world, things that we-we think are important, you know, material things, success, you know. We-we strive for those things that – but that’s not what life’s about. Life’s about, you know, knowing God and making Him known to others. And-and uh that’s – if-if-if we fulfill that then we’re fulfilling our purpose here on earth.