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Casting Pearls - Casting Pearls - Heaven

Well I think itís definitely just a happy joyful song and I think some people actually probably could get offended sometimes. Like, you know what? Everythingís not alright in my life. And I think the purpose of that is, behind the lyric is that, you know what? You might be going through a difficult time and maybe your season of difficulty lasts a lifetime. But eventually if you know Christ, if Christ is in your heart, then, that song could be a reminder that, you know what? This life is short and my life may be very difficult and I may be going through things that are just constant challenges from left and right. But, start dwelling on heaven. I think sometimes we have thoughts of heaven we wonder, ďis heaven going to be everything like my Sunday morning church service, Iím going to be sitting in a pew 24/7?Ē What does it mean to worship God? Well we worship God in everything we do and in the things we create. I mean, itís not just the Sunday morning time when weíre sitting there listening to a message. So, I think itís great to dwell on heaven. I think definitely people donít. We get focused on our own needs, our own desires and stuff here. But, I think the more we dwell on heaven, ironically itíll make this life more fulfilling.