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Eleventyseven - Eleventyseven - MySpace

Itís pretty much just about how you canít really have like serious relationships on-line. Like, when you-when youíre on sites like MySpace, you create profiles and present an image of yourself thatís not really who you are. Itís just what you want everybody else to see. Do you know what I mean? So which is not reality. So like if youíre-if youíre basing your friendships off of only what you want other people to know about you and-and vice-versa, like, it just-- Itís false. Yeah. Itís falseó Itís a lie basically, so and it kind of translates into your spiritual life like how much are you-- how much are you willing ta-to give to God? Like how much are you really showing God or are you just, you know, giving Him what you want Him to have or are you giving Him everything and-and showing Him the whole you which He knows you anyway but just the parallel there, so.