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Building 429 - Building 429 - Meeting with God Face to Face

The Lord really gave us an inspiration for this record and one of the things that we spent some time praying about was “God, what do you want us to write about on this record? What is it that we need to be doing with this record that we haven’t done before?” And really as clearly as I’ve kind of ever heard God speak to me after two days of prayer I heard him say, “Jason, just sing to me.”And which was a real paradigm shift for us because we’d always talked about ourselves and how God applied to us and hoped that that was enough that people would see that and decide if they wanted to believe in God or not. And what God was really saying to us is “Hey, guys, there’s no good way for people to see me if they’re looking through you, because you’re just as messed up as everybody else.” The whole thought process that we thought of, that the Lord gave us, was the people who are instantly changed forever in a moment were the people who met God face to face for themselves. So we felt like the most important thing that we could possibly do was write songs that would encourage other people to sing to God so that they could meet him, not meet us, the band on a stage. And uh and so that-that’s where the name came from, “Iris to Iris,” the whole thought process of-of dropping every other distraction that could be in the way and just seeing God face to face, iris to iris.