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Caleb Rowden - Caleb Rowden - Send Me

My church in Columbia, Missouri where Iím from, our pastor that was there was just was a missionary before he came there. And so it was very missions-minded, you know, always very giving to different missionaries and so that was always just kind of engrained in my mind that to, you know, to see missions and to go out and be a part of it. And so you know when we started the writing process for the record, I definitely wanted to include something about that because it had been meant so much to me in my life and had been such a vital part of my growing up years that it was something I felt like I had to write about. The Great Commission, like God gives us in Matthew isnít really something thatís just exclusive to those that are called. You know itís not something thatís just given to those who are missionaries or are preachers or, you know, people that are in music ministry or whatever. But we are all as believers have a job and that is to be a reflection of Christ everywhere that we go. And so that was really what I was trying to get across. God whatever you want to do with my life today, here I am, you know, send me. It doesnít matter who you are, God wants to use you.