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Carl Cartee - Carl Cartee - Needing God

“How Far” is kind of a response to that season of our life. God had blessed our ministry for so long in North Carolina where I’m from. And it grew and God blessed it and we just kind of got to a place where spiritually I wasn’t alive anymore, you know what I mean? And the Lord just kind of said, “Hey, I want to do more for you. I want to use you in greater and bigger ways. I want to build my kingdom through you, but you’ve got to get yourself in a position where you need me.” And so, you know, I just felt the Spirit speaking that to my heart and just kind of wrote that song in response, “Lord, take me where I am but revolutionize me through your power, through your Spirit, and-and let me-let me be something significant for you. I don’t want to live an insignificant life, let it be for your glory.”.