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DecembeRadio - DecembeRadio - Overcoming Depression

Drifter actually came about a little differently. Brian was actually reading the second chapter of Hebrews and came up with the whole idea for the song. It says, “Pay close attention to what you’ve heard so you don’t drift away.” We work a lot with the youth and we see a lot of depression. You know, a lot of kids who just think that they don’t have the purpose in life and we want them to know that they do. We want them to know that they were perfectly and wonderfully created and that God has a plan for their life. And, you know, no matter how bad the situation, or what kind of family situation they’re going through, that God’s got a reason for that. And that, you know, if they’ll truly hold to Christ and really seek Him , you know, and get in the Word every day and pray they know He can help them through those times. That’s the main thing, you know. We see it too a lot you see, you know, the split homes and you see how that affects teens and things like that. So we just want them to know that there’s hope and that there’s a better way and, you know, that they don’t have to be depressed about life but that there’s, you know, there’s joy in it.