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Grits - Grits - Living Water

The concept of Open Bar is basically Living Water. Thatís what we deliver, you know. When people buy our albums and they listen to our lyrics and they hear what weíre saying, we give them fresh water. Itís something new to basically intoxicate yourself on because of, you know, especially this generation of young people. Theyíre very intoxicated with everything else thatís out, you know, itís very media driven, so, you know and theyíre getting all kind of advice or whatever from every other flow and every other source that is available to them. And so we wanted to give them something fresh and we wanted to make sure the bar was open so they can get as much as they want to get, you know, so. Itís a playful way of really just digging deep and just saying, you know what, we need something new out, we need something fresh. Every man is flawed, you know, every person goes through their trials and tribs. But at the end of the day, we just attach ourselves to a source thatís greater than ourselves. And thatís whatís gotten us through the years. Now, we ainít perfect by any means yet, but at the same time we know it just bigger than us. And, you know, Godís grace allows us to do what we do.