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Jackson Waters - Jackson Waters - Moving Forward

We all have an experience thatís in our past. We all have things that weíre ashamed of. We all have things that we donít want to talk about. And I think out of this song it just came, just a song of a rebirthing of being able to put away the past and to move forward with whatís happening in your life. No matter what it has been, keep going forward and move on with whatís happening in your life. And the thing is just the beauty of Godís love and Him just forgiving us when weíre so unworthy of being forgiven. We are real people and that we are no better. We have issues and struggle with, you know, the same things that everybody else does. And really this-this album is about our fall in this but the grace of God and thereís something-thereís hope out there. And itís because of the grace of God that He allows us to do what we do and that grace is there for every single person.