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Leeland - Leeland - Age Doesn't Matter

Our vision and our goal and our dream as more than just a band but as a ministry is that our generation.Weíre all young guys. And so we can relate a lot of the times with what a lot of the kids are going through and as far as their age and being despised because of their youth basically and growing up thinking that maybe they have gone to church their whole life, but theyíve never really experienced God and theyíve never had a relationship with Him. We want to break them out of that and get them into a mindset to where oh my gosh, Iím saved, that means all of Godís power that created this world and the universe and everything in it is inside me. So that means that I can operate in that. And so thatís what we want to encourage kids and let them know that they can have a relationship with God We want to like inspire kids and let them know that you donít necessarily have to be an adult or youíve been through Bible school to do anything for God, or have a ministry. You just start now, start where youíre at and itís about relationship. Yeah, itís just about a relationship with Christ and how in that tangible, like talking with Him every day, relationship.