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NEVERTHELESS - Nevertheless - Knowing what you believe

Personally, I think that thereís a lot of relativism going on and people think that thereís nothing absolute. They think that whatís right for you, might be right for you and whatís right for me is right for me. But everyone runs around like they donít even know whatís really right. But I just think that itís God who has to touch someoneís heart and itís not going to happen through an argument or through just winning someone over with words. The biggest obstacle being that being so many options and not knowing which one is right, I just think that we need to keep our generation in prayer and keep the truth in front of them. And I think thatís a huge problem with kids nowadays, is growing up and not really knowing what they believe. And I think, like you said, itís only going to come through when God chooses to speak. But itís also people being obedient and speaking into people and being bold and just like Paul in the Bible, when they were out called to be disciples. I think thatís what itís going to take, so.