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Our Hearts Hero - Our Hearts Hero - Be Yourself

The message we try and portray is the best thing is just to be yourself and to be aware of what God is putting on your heart individually versus trying to be like someone else. Actually finding your own calling and what God wants you to do and following through with that and never looking back, Ďcause thereís tough times but in the end itís worth it because youíre doing what He wants you to do and He takes care of you. Some people are good with art or numbers or mathematics, whatever it is, everybody has different talents and gifts and abilities that donít look the same. Theyíre very different from each other but just because youíre not on a stage with a guitar, with lights in your face, or maybe you donít become some famous act or anything. To use those, to zone in on those gifts and abilities Godís given you for specific purpose to use that in your life, and as soon as you can grab on to that and realize that it wasnít a mistake, it wasnít a chance. Thereís no coincidence, you know. Then thatís when God can really start using what Heís given you for something that youíve probably never even had in mind and never even could dream of or imagine.