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Phil Joel - Phil Joel - Changed

Itís pretty much the cornerstone song in there because I have been changed so much, you know. And a few years back I really felt the Lord say, hey, itís time for you to get off stage and you to stop writing songs and the most profound thing that He did at that time was challenge me in regard to my daily pursuit of Him. The challenge was what are you doing to seek after me? What are you really doing, you know. And my answer was pretty lame. And so from that point, I determined to just get up early and seek God and open the Bible and read it and pray to Him and listen and spend time in the stillness time alone with Him. That was the primary thing that He used to change my life. Itís strange because Iíve been a Christian a long time but to truly build a relationship with the Lord, no one ever really told me this is going to take time and a commitment and not just quality time but quantity time. You have to be deliberate, you have to be deliberate about pursuing the Lord and pursuing His face.