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Skillet - Skillet - Hearing from God

Itís not like, every day God speaks to me something new about a song to write. Itís not really like that. Different people kind of describe Godís speaking to them in a different way. But there just comes a peace when you know youíre in the will of God. Thatís what Iím trying to say. And when Iíve prayed and I read the Bible or maybe I hear a sermon or Iíve watched the news, however it is that God uses something to speak to me. There was a time where I would be praying, and in the back of my mind, I was wondering if it were time to quit, if God was gonna have me do another record. I wasnít sure, and God spoke to me about that. The best thing of all of this, well maybe the second best, because that is the first, but the second best thing is knowing that God has spoken to you about what the songs are supposed to be about, that He has given you words to say, because if you donít have words to say, then there is no point to doing a Christian album right? As a songwriter, I can always find something to say, but it doesnít mean that itís going to be anointed, or itís going to be what God would have me say, and thatís the biggest issue.