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Soul P - Soul P Intermotif

What make a lot of young people very skeptical is a lot of pointing of the fingers, trying to rule young peopleís lives. Trying to cage them up, like, oh, well, if youíre doing this or youíre doing that, oh, you ainít right. I just think we as believers, you got to stop shunning people so much because they donít do it like we do it, or live like we live. But sometime, oh, weíre so tired. Oh, I got to work. I got to do this, and I got to do that. And itís like we need to just be an example in our actions more than our words. Because a lot of people can do all this talking. Oh, Iím this and Iím that, and I do this and I do that. And then you meet them and they ainít about nothing. So we just got to be more, you know, we got to open up our arms like Christ opened up His arms to us.