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Vicky Beeching - Vicky Beeching Intermotif

“Above All Else” is a song that I wrote some years back uh when I was living in England. And I was just coming to the end of my degree at Oxford. I got my Master’s. I was thinking about a bunch of different options for my life These people came around from inner city London. And they were like your typical businessmen – slick suits, big cars. And they had these meetings, and they were saying to us all, as people who were about to graduate, you know, come work for us. This is, you know, this is the salary we will give you. Here’s the keys to the car we’re going to give you. Just come move to London. All it takes is basically everything you’ve got. You just have to give us every hour of every day, work for our company, and we’ll reward you. I just saw so many of my friends selling out on their dreams and their ideas of life and just signing up for these things and heading off to the shiny city to make all this money. I just spent a few days on my own with the Lord and just said, “God, give me your mission statement. And I was just journaling, and I felt like He gave me the phrase, “Above everything else, above all else, Jesus, give me yourself.” And I felt like He gave me that because, if that’s my prayer in the face of every decision, I feel like I’ll always make the right choice. I’m asking myself, you know, “Jesus, more than anything else I’m being offered here, I just want you. Show me what’s going to give me you.”