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Mary Mary - Mary Mary- Beauty

Erica was always the prettiest out of everybody, all our friends and everybody. But I don't know why Erica -- she thought I'm just not cute But I mean that's the thing ... A lot of little girls are extremely beautiful and they never feel like they are. And I think that's a really big trick of the enemy to kinda lessen who you are. And if it stops you as a child when you progress to your teenage years and your adult years, it just continues on if you don't attack that when you're younger and realize that you're wonderfully and beautifully made by God. And you should accept yourself as you are. So when I finally got to the point where I realized duh, He made you Erica. You don't have to look like or be like anybody else. You're wonderful just as you are. Maybe somebody else that had that same thought or same feeling. So if I sing this song, maybe it'll bless somebody.