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Falling Up - Falling Up Intermotif

Worship is our lifestyle and what youíre doing and what youíre, you know, and we worship in our music, you know. We sing whatís on our hearts and what we sing is uh to God or about God and thatís our form of worship. Itís our form of living, you know? It is kind of difficult, especially being in a band that lively screaming stuff to you, you know? Because theyíre not used to that at all. And to us it is like worship when weíre up there, you know? Because why is there rules to how we should worship, you know? Why is there a certain progression of chords or uh certain instruments that you can use, you know, that have-that have to be worship. Like who made up those rules? Like we made them up, you know? Just because itís like easy to listen to, itís easy to sing along to in church When it all comes down to it if the focus is completely centered on Christ then thatís worship, no matter what you do. So, if youíre washing a car and youíre completely centered on Christ, thatís worship, you know? Thatís worship to God because He has your complete full attention, you know? And so thatís what-thatís what it is to us.