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Superchick - Superchick in Their Time of Pain

I think that God shows Himself even in dark places of our lives, you know, even through the hurt, even through the pain. A lot of times, when things get rough, weíre the first thing we say is where are You at God? What are You doing to me? Whatís, you know, whatís going on here? And weíre selfish about it. Like, through those hard times, it stinks. Sometimes you do question God. Sometimes you do ask Him where You are in the situation. But the bottom line is, He is there. He is faithful. And when you are done with that situation---you will be able to look back and say, wow! I am a different person. I am better. I am purified by the fire, you know, and thatís an awesome place to be at but itís just kind of funny like for me, itís just like, any time gets rough, Iím the first to point the finger and shake the fist and go like, God, why? And, itís like every time, and Godís like, youíre an idiot. Remember last time what happened. Oh, just chill out. I got you. And I think after going through what we went through that led to this album, now I hope that the next time something maybe hits that feels like a storm, Iíll understand it a little more. You know, I think initially, itís just hard to say, what can I learn? Like what do I need to learn? Because the truth is, after going through that, I know now that thatís the best way for God to teach us is through suffering. For us to to feel empty and like weíve lost everything thatís comfortable and that weíve love and thatís when we run to Him with everything. Or we run from Him and so, you know, thatís my advice, is run to Him because, He is the only thing that heals us and like constant thing. Thatís right. Like the world and people will disappoint us. But He wonít.