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T-Bone - T-Bone on "Can I Live" Video

But I wanted to do a song for all the critics and people who throughout the years, and still you know, say God canít use, you know, hip hop music and all those things. Just say, hey man, let me live. Let me just do what God has called me to do. So, you know, thatís what the song is about, just letting and not only me, just us as a youth, you know. Sometimes, almost a song also to the adults saying, hey man, understand what weíre doing. Weíre still about God. Weíre still about seeing His glory be done, you know, and about doing His work so, weíre just doing it in a different way. Stop judging us. Help us. Love us. Encourage us. We need that. Let me live. And we just wanted to show them, you know what? Thatís not the case. Just because we look one way, you may think Iím a drug dealer when you see me with braids in my hair, you know what I mean? Or you might say, you know, who is this guy? But then, you know, people donít realize this is still a guy that loves the Lord, you know. And so donít judge a book by itís cover, man. I still love God like everybody else and I have a passion to see young people get saved and so, the whole video we just wanted to kind of portray that.