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Stellar Kart - Stellar Kart on Reaching Out

We want to develop relationships with people and thatís why we love doing youth camps and retreats and everything because you get to spend one-on-one time with the kids and really get to know them as people and they get to know you as a person. And most of the time they can tell by the way we live our life and, we can tell what theyíre going through by just what they talk about with us, what their conversation is with us and then weíre able to talk to them and really get to know them personally. And thatís genuine. Itís just learning too that God is the one thatís going to change the heart of somebody and so many times itís hard because youíre thinking, oh man, they need to get saved. Thereís so many people that donít know Christ. And Iíve just kind of learned just from experience with people that itís just about showing them Godís love and itís ultimately God that's going to say, ďOkay, come to Me.Ē you know, and bring him in, you know.