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Shawn McDonald - Shawn McDonald's Trip to Africa

Africa was amazing and it was a really eye opening experience. Thereís a couple different stories and moments that we had that definitely hit me, and I think the one that hit me the hardest was this little boy named Upton. Upton lived with his grandmother. I canít remember his exact age but like 9 or 10 just a young kid. And he had aids. It really hit me cause he was a victim, he had nothing to do with his circumstances, his circumstances were because of his parents and his fate was he was going to die from this disease and he didnít have the money to pay for the medicine. He had nothing. His grandmother was getting old and she couldnít farm anymore, and I remember coming back that night and just breaking down and kind of just coming to God and being like I donít get it, I donít understand this, this just seems so unfair. I know God works in our tragedy and our trials, thatís part of it, but it was definitely probably the most impacting. Seeing the joy and the peace these people had despite the oppression that was on them, despite their circumstance was really eye opening for me and it really took me back to this simple place of life, just showing that sometimes we fill our lives with so much stuff, and that necessarily, I donít think thatís always the need, I donít think we always need to do that. And these people kind of showed me that.