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Michael Olson - Michael Olson Intermotif

There are wide varieties of reasons to why people make music. One is, itís just beautiful, and itís art. I tend to come from a very ministry oriented background, and so more times than not, it seems like the music that I write has a specific purpose. And itís sort of a ministry-oriented purpose. And on this current record thatís just come out, ďWhere Fear And Faith Collide,Ē my thought process is, I want people to hear about the things that Iím going through. And the thoughts that those situations are bringing into my head and my heart and how Iím processing that. Because a lot of times when you share that on a, on a wide level Ė when this record gets distributed and when people are hearing this music on TV or whatever, you never know how people might connect with your personal experience. And that, in turn, might bring them closer to Jesus. You know. So itís not a shallow thing at all. Itís a process by which God is breathing in me personally, through my own life circumstance, and just hoping that that resonates with other people.