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Sevenglory - Sevenglory Says Make a Difference

We were writing for the album and we got the opportunity to do some co-writes, so Gabe and I came down to Nashville and met up with a friend of ours now, Brandon Heath and we just started talking about life and Christianity and us being four pastorís kids and him really being involved in church and uh kind of this idea that there really are things happening out in the world and what is our response to those things? And the song just kind of asks the question, are we willing to admit that there really are problems, and in that admitting those problems, are we willing to make a difference and go out there and literally be the hands and feet. Because itís one thing to just, you know, say youíll pray for something, which is great, and I think itís another thing to take it a step further and be uncomfortable about that problem. I think thatís when we can truly be used and, even for us, itís hard being on the road, but the more uncomfortable we are, the more sacrifice, usually the more rewarding it is to be out there and God definitely always steps in and puts us right where He needs us.