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MercyMe - Mercy Me Intermotif

I think if faith was something that was easy than you know, why do we come crying to our friends when something goes wrong? You know, itís this whole thought of dying to myself. Well what does that mean? Does that mean I completely trust Christ? Well, yeah, we say that all the time, but itís not always true, you know, so itís you know youíre living out your daily walk with Christ realizing that I canít do this on my own so Iím having to push myself away, push myself down and realize that I have to depend on Christ for everything. And even sometimes, it sounds strange, but you have to depend on Christ to believe in Him in the first place. I mean, to pray more for faith, uh, you know, help my unbelief. I mean these are prayers that are, you know, people have been praying for two thousand years because as much as we believe, we still donít believe, you know, that He truly is who He is and who He says He is and we all struggle with that. And I think as far as dying to self, I mean itís a daily thing. Itís take up your cross daily, you know and follow Me. And there are a lot of mornings I donít take up my cross. I donít even look at it, you know. Itís keeping that sin nature in check every day and killing off the old man, itís hard to do.