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Manafest - Manfest Keeps it Real

The whole music thing and stuff like, when I started, with the whole hip hop thing, I used to think I had to be gangster or be this certain way, you know. And I had a lot of fear and stuff like that coming from where I came from. And, you know, used to always try and be somebody that I wasnt. And then God really showed me who I was and as He started to set me free, you know, I found I was able to be free on stage, you know, and really give it my best and share with kids and just be natural. Gods just showing me that I can set other people free once I become free myself. And, you know, it was for freedom that Christ set us free. To have peace, to have joy. We just started doing a lot more salvation messages at the shows. And so were seeing kids get born again and stuff, which is totally awesome. And Im not trying to make it as just a regular thing all the time, because I want it to be real all the time. But were starting to see that happen, so, I just want to see it get as big as possible, you know.