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Nate Huss - Nate Huss on Being Adopted

I am adopted. I have seven brothers and sisters who are all different nationalities. So if you picture the U.Ndinner table time and dinner talk, like, We are the U.N. So its pretty cool. I think a lot of it kind of confused me growing up and, it was hard for me to find myself, because I was kind of lost in the confusion of all that. And the record completely speaks to that and kind of tells my store of finding who I am in Christ. And realizing that Im more than just someone who has to please other people. But I am perfect in Him. If I am following Him with all my heart and truly striving to be the best Christian I can, then I am perfectly fine and what other people have to say, or the judgments that people have on me dont really matter. Because Hes the ultimate judge.