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Salvador - Salvador Interview on Missions

I just got off a mission trip and, actually I still have bites from all the mosquitoes and stuff from my mission trip, but I’ve been able to do that in my life and I think it’s one of the most rewarding things to be able to go out without any need to be paid back on anything. You just go out and you give things to people. Give things, not physically or even financially, but you just give them some kind of hope that somebody’s looking out for them. We've adopted a couple of villages in Honduras in Chaladeka and Degusigapa and these two places we’ve taken water relief, we’ve dug wells, we’ve done things to help their economy, and things like that. And so one of my proudest things right now in my life is that and being able to work and do that and just to be able to see their faces. They know we’re American and they’re like “Here comes some Americans, they’re gonna bring some good stuff for us.” So, it’s been a really wonderful way to be able to share Jesus Christ through that.