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Author: Blaine Bartel

A man shopping at a flea market found a picture frame he liked for only four dollars. Since he didnít care for the picture it held, he removed it when he got home. A small, folded piece of paper fell out, so he opened it carefully. To his surprise, it was an old copy of the Declaration of Independence.

Just hours after the founding fathers of this nation signed the original Declaration of Independence on July 4, 1776, they had a printer make copies for distribution. The one this man found in his frame turned out to be one of the few original copies that survived, and it was in very good condition. He put it up for auction, and it brought in $ 2.4 million.

Inside you are hidden treasures, gifts from God. Seek God, and ask Him to reveal the talents He has given you. Slowly they will come to the surface. When they do, use and develop them to the best of your ability and let Godís grace do the rest.

Commitment Prayer
Lord, thank You for the talents and gifts You have placed within me. I donít know what all of them are, so I ask You to help me find them. I commit to use them for Your glory, in Jesusí name. Amen.


Blaine Bartel, Oneightyģ Devotional (Tulsa: Harrison House Publishers, copyright 2003.)