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Survivors: Quake Was God's Blessing in Disguise
Amidst the devastation and immense human suffering in Haiti, some of its people are responding with faith. As the sun begins to set over the capital city of Port-au-Prince, a few hours of Heaven comes down on a corner of the devastated city...read more
Pro-Life Leaders to Protest Abortion 'Supercenter'
Several prominent pro-life leaders are rallying in Houston, Texas on Monday to protest what will be the largest abortion clinic in the western hemisphere. ...read more
Vietnam Churches Reach Out to Country's Addicts
HO CHI MINH, Vietnam - Christians in Vietnam are reaching out to those lost in a world of drugs and despair....read more
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The very thing that makes Nigeria so ornery and difficult to unite into a single peaceful republic is also its attraction. There are over 250 different peoples, languages, histories, and religions all rubbing shoulder to shoulder in this hectic, colourful and often volatile republic. Nigeria is the place to go if you're into music. Nigeria is constantly pounding to the rhythms of traditional African juju music, Afrobeat and reggae. This is by no means an easy destination, but if you're intrepid enough it can be highly rewarding. During the 1970s, when oil prices rocketed, Nigeria looked set to become prosperous and democratic but perversely managed to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory. Its history is littered with tin-pot dictators, massacres, bloody civil wars, human rights abuses, and horrific famines. It is now a country struggling to contain the sum of its parts within a democratic framework. A chronic crime problem, religious intolerance, large-scale unemployment and overcrowding in poor living conditions regularly push the rule of law to the brink. Despite this, there is still an unfaltering optimisim among Nigerians that their proud nation will indeed make it to the party.

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Nigeria in the news
Religious Riots Rock Nigeria (2006-02-27)

In Nigeria, West Africa, more than 130 people are dead after a week of violence between Christians and Muslims. The death toll is expected to climb. ... read more
Nigerian Christians Tested by Fire (2006-01-16)

Religious intolerance continues to spread in parts of northern Nigeria. Nigerian Christians are under attack by radical Muslims and are paying a high price for their faith. ... read more
Jars of Clay's Blood: Water Mission Receives Holiday Gift for Africa (2005-12-27)

Most people in the U.S. can get cleaner water from the ponds where they fish than many Africans can get from the contaminated wells and streams that often are their only sources of water.... read more
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Music has always been a passion of mine. I grew up singing in choir and playing in bands. It became more serious in college when I transferred universities and began to study music full time. ...read more
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Building 429 - Meeting with God Face to Face
Building 429 - Meeting with God Face to Face
The whole thought process that we thought of, that the Lord gave us, was the people who are instantly changed forever in a moment were the people who met God face to face for themselves. ...read more
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God's Purpose...Peace and Life
God's Purpose...Peace and Life
God loves you and wants you to know Him so He can fill you with peace and give you real life -- forever. ...read more
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You’re not lacking opportunity or ability. What you’re lacking is the knowledge to uncover your opportunities ...read more